The ALCC Family Welcomes You!

We joyfully extend our welcome to you to join this cutting edge move of God, and let us take this world for Jesus. We are excited and thankful about your decision to make this local Body of Christ your church home (Acts 2:42 and Galations 2:9).

Becoming a Member

We’d like to thank you for taking an interest in becoming a member here at Agape Love Christian Center, where the Love of God is prominent, the infallible word of God is taught, and the Spirit of God is in control.
*All members are required to take a foundation course.
Length of course: The membership course is taught in a two-session Sunday afternoon class. It is required that you attend every session in order to become a member of ALCC.
Time: The Sunday afternoon class begins Promptly at 3:00pm. and will end approximately 5:00pm.
Membership Form: At the end of the course, you will receive a membership form (one per married couple). Each form must be completed & signed at the bottom in order to receive a membership card. If both husband and wife are completing the class, both husband and wife must sign the bottom of the form.
*If you are a high school student (ages 13-18), be sure to complete your own form.
Membership: Upon completion of the new members course, you will receive your membership card, certificate of membership, and a name badge (we ask that your badge is worn for at least a month in the sanctuary so the ALCC family can greet you by name).
*All ALCC members are required to take the 18 week discipleship course. Classes are held on Sundays at 9:00am and Wednesdays at 6:45pm. Upon completion of the course you will recieve a certificate.

Member Responsibilities

As a member I should:
1. Focus on what we have in common, not our differences
2. Refuse to listen to gossip
3. Support my pastors and leaders
4. Practice God’s method for conflict resolution
5. Promote harmony in my church, family, and among all believers.
As a child of God and a member of ALCC, it is your job to protect the unity of this church. Unity is a vital element in the growth of church, God deeply desires that we experience oneness and harmony with each other.